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Occupational Medicine Services Provided At Hess Clinic Include:

  • Physical Capacity Profile TestingĀ®
  • Urine Drug and Breath Alcohol Collection and Testing
  • DOT Physicals
  • OSHA Respirator Fit Testing and Medical Clearance
  • Workers' Compensation Medical Treatment
  • Company Physicals

Physical Capacity Profile Testing

This service is offered to many of our local employers. Utilizing computerized testing, the Physical Capacity Profile Testing System is able to test all new employees to confirm they have the physical capacity to perform the requirements of their new job. The system is designed to help protect employees while lowering workers' compensation rates and insurance premiums.

How does Physical Capacity Profile Testing affect my workers' compensation insurance?

By properly placing an employee into a position that they are physically able to perform, the risk of injury is lower. By decreasing your work-comp injuries, you will improve your insurance rating and in turn reduce your annual premium. We are also able to do Physical Capacity Testing for an employee who has been injured and needs to return to work. By requiring a return to duty test, you will obtain information in determining if an employee is able to resume the duties of their position. This information will also assist the provider and other healthcare members in determining a plan of care.

Some insurance companies are now starting to require that their companies are signed up for post-hire testing, such as the Physical Capacity Profile, if they have shown a high or increasing incidence of work-comp claims. If you contact your work-comp insurance company, you will find that most are aware of this program and how it can benefit you and your employees.

How can Hess Clinic help me in determining my job requirements?

Once you have signed up with Hess Clinic to do Physical Capacity Profile Testing, the Occupational Medicine Coordinator will schedule a day to come to your site and assist you with establishing a level for each position within your company. Using a dynamometer she will measure the work forces involved for each position. In addition to measuring these forces, she will also visit with a representative from each department about the day-to-day operations of each position. After this information is gathered, each position will then be placed into a job level as outlined by the Department of Labor. This level will then become the standard for all new employees hired into that position. There is no charge for this visit if your company has signed an agreement with Hess Clinic to do Physical Capacity Profile Testing.

Can I test my current employees?

Yes. We strongly encourage you to test both new and existing employees. If you test an existing employee and they do not pass the level of their position, you cannot terminate them. However, you will now have vital information about that employee that you can utilize to provide a safe work environment. This information also provides you with a baseline for that employee and can be used if an injury were to occur.

How do I get started?

If you are interested in learning more about the Physical Capacity Profile Testing System and the other services offered at Hess Clinic (listed below) you can contact Shaundell, Occupational Medicine Coordinator by calling the clinic at 785-628-7495.

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Physical Capacity Profile Testing System

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